Where are your perfumes made?
Our perfumes are made and bottled in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Are your products “eco-friendly”?
Our perfumes are made using eco-friendly materials and processes.
How long will the perfume bottle last?+
Depends on your usage. On average, a 1.7oz bottle used once a day can last over 6 months and a 3.4oz bottle used once a day can last over a year.
How should I store my perfume?
We highly recommend keeping perfumes away from direct heat or light and avoid subjecting them to drastic changes in temperature (example-in bathrooms). Check out our Perfume Guide for more information.
Where should I apply perfume?
We recommend applying your perfume on pulse points (neck, wrists, behind ears etc) or simply spritz in the air and walk through so that the scent can envelop you. For more tips and application methods you can check our Perfume Guide.
Why can’t I smell my fragrance after a while?
This is a normal phenomena called nose fatigue - where the nose desensitizes itself when it gets used to the scent. The brain stops registering a smell after 15 minutes. Even though you can’t feel it, others around you still can, so go easy on reapplying the scent.
When do I get charged?
You get charged once your order is processed and you receive a confirmation email.
What payment forms do you accept?
We accept Afterpay, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.