A Fragrance with a Promise

Fine Forever is a luxury fragrance line designed to enhance femininity, sophistication, and mystery for every elegant woman.

Our Philosophy

Fine Forever is positioned to promote confidence in one’s life with the promise of God’s forever abiding love and protection. By placing emphasis on Biblical scripture and The Kingdom of God, Fine Forever represents power and prosperity to the highest degree.

More Than a Fragrance

Fine Forever is a love story of the promises of God to His beloved children. It is a symbolic reminder that no matter where life takes you, through the ups and downs, with God, you will be Fine Forever. The fragrances are a reminder that His love, His presence and His sweet smelling aroma are always near. Wearing Fine Forever can lead to memorable conversations that open doors for testimonies and heartfelt evangelism.


Your Scent Story Starts Here

Whether you are in the mood for a captivating fragrance for date night, a classy memorable scent for brunch with the girls, or a beautiful cozy scent to complement your style, Fine Forever has it all. Fine Forever fragrances can be used as a great conversation starter and can also be gifted to others as a reminder of God’s unconditional love for them.


Our Founder, Dr. Michelle Daf:

Dr. Michelle Daf is a young woman who has had a passion for fragrance since childhood. From a young age she accompanied her mother to department stores where she would mix fragrances together to find the perfect aroma.
Her peers at school would ask her to create fragrances for them, and she was known as the “scent queen”. Throughout life’s challenges and joys, she always found fragrance symbolic in her journey. While overcoming significant life trials in the areas of love, identity and purpose, Dr. Daf developed a life changing love with Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. During her quiet moments in fervent prayer, she often smelled a fragrant aroma in her bedroom.


It was a reminder that the presence of the Holy Spirit was with her wherever she went, and as long as God was with her, she would always be provided for. She soon discovered that by devoting her life to God’s plan for her, she could help transform the lives of women around the world.
She sought to share her love of fragrance, while empowering women to have faith in biblical promises for their own lives. In 2020, a year when the world needed meaningful hope and encouragement, with the guidance and support of her husband, she stepped out in faith to create what is now Fine Forever.

With God, you will be Fine Forever.