Fragrance Families

The first step to finding your favourite fragrance is to understand the different scent families that every perfume is based on. The four main types of fragrances are fresh, woody, warm and oriental.


Fresh fragrances typically embody aromas of citrus,sea water and green notes. Fragrances denote revitalizing, zesty and clean scents. Citrus-based fragrances are usually curated with lemon, mandarin and bergamot, while water fragrances are reminiscent of aquatic notes such as sea salt and ocean breezes.

Fresh green fragrances are often described as herbal and leafy scents that inspire an invigorating and energizing aroma. Some green fragrances are likened to aromatic fougère fragrances, created with notes of lavender, rosemary or basil. These scents provide a calming and delightful aroma.


Floral perfumes are among the most famous and varied fragrance groups. This family includes fragrances with  pleasant and blooming scents and notes like roses, jasmine, lilies, and peonies. Floral fragrances may range from light and delicate to complex and effective.


Warm, sweet, and even a little spicy, oriental perfumes are pleasing to the senses. Oriental perfumes are a more rich perfume family that includes floral oriental, soft oriental, and woody oriental fragrances.

Perfumes and aftershaves in this category are rich and sensual, with components of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, and jasmine, orchid, and orange blossom frequently used.


Woody perfumes are another warm family with a fascinating and seductive smell that is particularly popular in aftershaves. It's a wonderful option for wearing in the evening since it uses wood-based scents, including cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber.

Woody fragrances are split into mossy woods with an earthy, sweet undertone, and dry woods which often have a smoky, leathery smell to them.